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Being Liang

Being Liang

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Full spectrum. Sourced from North Carolina and Colorado. Organic CO2 extraction in organic hemp derived CBD with less than 0.3% THC. This binds to our own body's natural cannabinoid receptors in our nervous system to reduce pain and inflammation without making you high. Visit The Chempistry Store for CBD containing items not available on our website.

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Natural Pain Relief

Peppermint oil Helps tension headache and reduce pain. 

Menthol crystal Solid active mint oil.  

White Camphor — FDA approved for topical pain relief. 

Blue Tansy — reduce inflammation.  

Arnica — Reduce pain & swelling.  

Eucalyptus — Reduce pain & inflammation.  

Rosemary — Helps wound healing & reduce pain. 

Lavender — Relaxes muscles.  

Jojoba oil — Carrier oil very similar to natural skin oils

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The Future

CBD containing cystic acne balm.

About Me

Liang Bartkowiak M.D.

I am a full-time OBGYN. My family used Chinese medicine on me as I grew up. My academic training in medicine made me leery of homeopathic treatments. However, I also knew that well done scientific studies have made many homeopathic remedies become traditional medical treatments. Significant events in my life made me read and research more about non-traditional medical treatments. For a brief period in my life, I experienced unrelenting severe pain that was caused by pinched nerves in my neck.  It threatened to affect my ability to practice medicine. 

Until I had surgery, I experienced no relief from multiple treatments including physical therapy, chiropractic manipulations, therapeutic massage, spinal injection, and a concoction of different pain medicines. I still have some residual pain from this, but not at the level of intensity as before. This was around the same time that the nation was discovering the addictive qualities of narcotic pain medicines. I watched my patients with lifelong chronic severe pain go through having to go off their narcotic pain pills because of the national push to take most patients off of them. I began looking into alternative pain relief treatments for my patients. I took a course to become the first doctor in my area to be able to certify patients for medical marijuana because of this. During that course, I learned about CBD (cannabidiol).  

At around the same time, I developed a severe allergy to a chemical that is in most conventional makeup and skincare. I started to scrutinize all ingredient lists and began converting to "green" beauty when I learned about the many chemicals we are exposed to both in makeup and in our day-to-day lives. I started using a lot of essential oils as topical treatments after that. I decided to make my own cocktail of CBD with essential oils in a carrier oil to use topically on myself. 

It was working well to relieve not just my residual neck pain but a variety of other pains. I shared this with one of the labor nurses for her plantar fasciitis foot pain one day. She had relief so quickly that she insisted on buying the rollerball of my oil from me. She, along with the other nurses, then all wanted some for themselves. The word spread quickly and the demand grew so great for my oiI that I had to create a business for my products and this very website you are on now!


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Being Liang

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